Travel Europe – Explore the Georgian Wine Culture

Georgia in Europe is considered as the “cradle of wine” of its rich history in winemaking. It is one of the oldest wine regions in the world that dates back to about 6000 BC. And today, Georgia still make wines the same way as they did long ago and this by grape fermentation stored in clay pots burying them underground to keep the temperatures stable.

Qvevri wine-making

If you are travelling and tasting wine, add Georgia to your list of places to visit in Europe. Here are some good places to explore Georgian wine culture.

Baia’s Winery

Baia Abuladze is one of the top entrepreneurs in Georgia that focuses on Qvevri wine-making. Its winery focuses on 100% organic processes. Visiting this winery which is near Kutaisi will let you discover this organic methodology.

A trip to Baia Winery will give you a learning experience of the ancient secrets of winemaking. Not only you get to try out their amazing wines but you also get to enjoy the peaceful getaway and her sweet family.

Khareba Wine Tunnel

Winery Khareba owns a unique wine cellar that you will find in Kvareli. It is one of the biggest wine producers in the country. You will be amazed to see and look around the 7 km wine tunnel. You can even see the Chacha room in action where thy make Georgian grappa. There is a full-service restaurant above the vineyard that has an amazing view of the valley.

Numisi Winery

Located in the Kakheti region, which is famous for winemaking and wine cellars, The Numini winery is one of the oldest there. The place is fully equipped traditional wine cellar. It also has a Museum showcasing a great collection of all things Georgian.

They offer excellent wine which has a homestyle taste common in Georgian wineries. You will experience that tradition feel when you order a ½ litre jug of both red and white wine stored in a jar.